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Hello friends. We finally have the blog working. To celebrate we are activating a new Coupon Code NEW1 that is good for 15% off of any of our Correspondence Courses. Pick the courses you want and apply the Coupon at checkout. NEW1 will expire Monday, November 11.

Have a great weekend.

Jeff Lucas

7 thoughts on “The Blog is Finally Working

  1. Steve,

    That’s a great comment about being a recovering ‘deed staker’! It has to be the result of the material we studied, and most of our mentors’ attitude.

    It was fascinating on the early forums to read the almost visceral reactions to Jeff’s crusade, and then to observe the sea change in some of the most vociferous.

    I, too, am recovering – one survey at a time.

    • I am an recovering ‘deed staker’ myself. It wasn’t until I went to law school and discovered the real truth about the practice of land surveying–let me rephrase that–what the law had to say about locating property boundaries, that I recognized the error of my ways. Like a recovering smoker or alcoholic, I couldn’t contain my disdain for the abhorrent practices that I had personally followed in the past and the practices that I was witnessing in the present. The land surveying profession is better than what the practitioners are foisting off on the public, and the public deserved better from the profession. We are the first line of defense in the battle to protect private property rights, yet we have often been the worst offenders.

      Thanks for your comments Warren.

      Heading to Fort Wayne, Indiana next week, and you are right. I do believe the tide is turning, if not ever so slowly.


  2. Who is planning a good annual conference in 2020 that isn’t in Las Vegas?

    I was visiting your website in hopes of finding a calendar of seminars you have scheduled. Once again, our local association has decided to hold our annual conference in Las Vegas, and in conjunction with neighboring state(s). Although I understand their reasoning for the decision, I’m not a big fan of Vegas, and it’s not at all convenient for me to travel that far. I do however value the continuing education experience on an annual basis.

    Since I’m faced with an inconvenient travel experience, I’ve decided to attend a conference in another location and experience a different association of surveyors.

    As a recovering “deed staker” it was Jeff Lucas and John Stall that convinced me to change my surveying practice model. They, along with others who take the time to provide proper guidance, definitely keep me on the “road to recovery”. What better place to find a suitable location that right here?

    I look forward to the replies.

    • HI Steve, Jeff will be in Indiana January 22-24,2020; Mississippi February 7, 2020; Montana February 19 & 20, 2020; Colorado February 26 &27, 2020; Kansas March 6, 2020: South Padre Island, TX March 23 – 27, 2020. Maybe one of those locations would be convenient for you.
      Thank you for asking about upcoming dates. If I can help you with contact information on anyone of these seminars let me know.
      Best regards,

  3. Great job getting the blog up and running, Jeff.
    I think our subscribers will enjoy discussing the cases you write about in The Lucas Letter. ?

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