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Jeffery N. Lucas

Jeff Lucas, President


Jeffery N. Lucas, JD, PLS, Esq.

Areas of expertise include almost all survey related issues, property boundary resolution, surveying business functions, the quality of surveying services offered, performance issues related to surveying, and the standard of care practiced by surveyors. In addition, we can offer exhibit preparation/mapping services for courtroom presentations and expert witness testimony. Services generally include an initial assessment of the project or case based on information provided by the Client, and a verbal evaluation based on the initial assessment. Further services may include (but are not necessarily limited to) examination of surveys and survey maps, field notes and data files, reports and quantities, instruments of conveyance, court documents and rulings, and other documents related to the subject of the consultation. Services may also include field investigations, courthouse research, legal research, interviews of persons with relevant information, preparation of affidavits, deposition and trial testimony

Rates and Fees

Hourly Rate – Upon Request

Retainer – To Be Determined

Initial Case Assessment – Lump Sum Fee To Be Determined

Reimbursables – Cost Plus 15%

Curriculum  Vitae

Jeffery N Lucas Curriculum Vitae