Lucas & Company, LLC


Are you a landowner or an attorney representing a landowner in a property boundary dispute or other real property issue? Possibly a boundary dispute that you feel, rightly of wrongly, was started as a result of as new survey of your property or of the property of a neighbor? Do you feel like your property rights (or the rights of your client), are being abused or taken away? You are not alone. After 40 years in the land surveying business and 15 years as an attorney, I have seen way too many of these types of situations. Order can be restored but you need help doing that. You need someone who understands the issues and why these situations happen. Someone who can cut through the nonsense and surveyor jargon, and identify the reality of the situation. That’s where we come in. Check out our services and give us a call if you need help with a real property or negligence issue. We can help.

Litigation Consulting

We work all across the country, in association with local attorneys, to provide litigation consulting and consulting related to land surveyor negligence, private property interest, real property boundaries, easements, water boundaries, riparian rights issues, land development, subdivision platting, and related issues. General consulting on boundary and property law issues.

Land Surveyor Consulting

Land Surveyors! Having trouble with a specific boundary surveying problem? We consult with professional land surveyors all across the country on their problem projects. We also offer general surveying consulting relative to boundary law, water boundaries, riparian boundaries, negligence issues, contract issues, ethics issue and other issues facing the practicing surveyor.

Boundary Dispute Resolution

Real property is the largest investment most Americans make in their lifetime. Owning a piece of God’s green Earth is the “American Dream.” We help to ensure your real property interests, and the American Dream, through a variety of legal and consulting services; including mediation services, boundary line agreements, consultation services, alternative dispute resolution, and other remedies.

In-House Training

We offer a variety of continuing education opportunities for land surveyors, attorneys, and civil engineers; including, in-house continuing education services at your location.