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Expert Witness IX



Expert Witness IX – 1.5 Contact Hours
The case-in-chief is Boak v. Beaver, Meade County, Kentucky, Circuit Court, Case No. 10-CI-00269, 2015. Although this is a circuit court opinion, and not an appellate court opinion, the case was not appealed for good reason. The law articulated in the case is clearly correct, which is most likely the reason it wasn’t appealed. This circuit court opinion is being utilized because of the rich factual background involving retracement surveying and expert witness testimony that was extremely effective and worthy of study by the boundary surveying professional. It is an excellent demonstration of the power of effective expert witness testimony and the value that kind of testimony adds to the legal process, the court’s ultimate decision and the pursuit of justice. This is a 3-Page Letter covering 1 Court Opinion consisting of 15 pages. This 18-Page document has a 10-Question examination based on the text of the newsletter and the case-in-chief with a focus on the expert witness testimony.

OBJECTIVES: To enhance professional competency and improve practitioner’s knowledge of the law as it relates to the practice of land surveying.