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Clark II – Clark on Surveying and Boundaries



Clark II – Clark on Surveying and Boundaries (2nd Edition 1939) – 1.5 Contact Hours
This is the second in a series of studies on the writings of Frank Emerson Clark, land surveyor and attorney at law, and one of the most well-known authors and educators in the surveying community. Clark is probably best known for his seminal work: Clark on Surveying and Boundaries, as carried on by others and currently in its Eight Edition. Biographical information on Clark is hard to come by, but from the Preface to the Second Edition we are told that Clark started off his professional career as a land surveyor and then later turned his attention to the law and became a practicing title lawyer. This second study in the series (Clark II) is taken from Chapter 18 of the Second Edition, entitled: “The Meaning of Words Used in Descriptions.” This is basically a study of the ‘rules of construction’ utilized by the courts for the interpretation of written documents; in particular, deeds, descriptions in deeds, contracts, legislation and other important legal instruments. This study will focus on the interpretation of words used in descriptions of land. This is a 2-Page Letter covering the second half of Chapter 18 from Clark on Surveying and Boundaries, 2nd. Ed. (1939), consisting of 30 pages. This 32-Page document has a 10-Question examination based on the text of the newsletter and attached materials.

OBJECTIVES: To enhance professional competency and improve practitioner’s knowledge of the law as it relates to the practice of land surveying.