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Liability of Land Surveyors and Engineers

Liability of Land Surveyors and Engineers – Half Day or Full Day (Nominally 4.0 or 8.0 Contact Hours)
In a 1961 article entitled, The Professional Status of Land Surveyors, Curtis Brown wrote: “Courts, in response to liability litigation, have taken a positive stand on the status of all land surveyors. In the eyes of the law the land surveyor is treated with professional respect; he has all the liability accorded a professional man. While from the viewpoint of the pocketbook, this privilege of liability does have disadvantages, it is proof, in a backhanded way, that the land surveyor is above the technical level.” Along with the “privilege of liability” comes the responsibility to understand that liability. This program discusses the liability the land surveyor (and engineer) face as professional service providers and ways of limiting that liability, if not avoiding it altogether. Power Point presentation.
OBJECTIVES: To enhance professional competency and improve practitioner’s knowledge of the law as it relates to the practice of land surveying.