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Legal Research

Legal Research for the Land Surveyor – Half Day or Full Day (Nominally 4.0 or 8.0 Contact Hours)
Ignorantia juris non excusat – ignorance of the law is an excuse for anyone. Nowhere is this maxim truer than in the professional services arena, and in particular, land surveying services. This seminar will explore the law, the sources of the law, and the difference between the law and equity. The court system will be studied and legal writings (i.e., court opinions and secondary sources of the law) will be introduced. Resources for finding the law will be discussed. The legal research project will be studied from beginning to end. A live internet search will be conducted that will include finding the law in several key areas that affect surveyors in their everyday practice, including, but not limited to: liability; statutes of limitations; boundary disputes; property law; deeds and instruments of conveyance; and contracts. Participants will come away with a better understanding of the law and how it affects the professional land surveyor. Workshop Requires a Live Internet Connection for actual on-line research. Power Point presentation and live internet search.
OBJECTIVES: To enhance professional competency and improve practitioner’s knowledge of the law as it relates to the practice of land surveying.